Identifying, authenticating and authorizing users is a common part of almost every web application. In CakePHP AuthComponent provides a pluggable way to do these tasks. AuthComponent allows developer to combine authentication objects, and authorization objects to create flexible ways of identifying and checking user authorization. There are few steps to complete the authetication process in CakePHP starting with username & password input validation in User.php as follows:
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The ARK Editor is a really good editor for Joomla! and most of the Joomla! I personally used ARK Editor after JCE Editor started to put the code view features as one of their premium features. By default, the ARK editor is configured to use <p> for enter key instead of <br>. For those who want to change the <p> to <br>, please follow the tutorial and screenshot. Navigate to Components - Ark Editor - Ark Editor and the configuration page will show as below: Add a comment

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