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Dear youngsters, here my little advise to you, when you wrote your CV, do not make claims only, but you need to show proof. Yeah, instead of writing, ‘I know PHP’ or ‘I’m Java superstar’ put it as ‘I’ve created a systematic web-based document controlling system for company XXX’ and provide live link to that system. Today, everybody claims that they can do this and that. But did they really can do it? Do you able to comply with everything you claimed? You look like a superstar in your CV, but when it comes to practicing the knowledge in real life situation, majority had problem to deal with it.

Based from my experienced in few interview sessions, it quite hard to find a good candidate that can practice whatever they put in their CV. Worst case scenario is, the candidate not even understand what he/she claimed in the CV. You put you good in PHP, Java and Python, but when interviewer asked a simple question ‘What is the programming language that you prefer?’ … Answer: ‘Maybe HTML’. Ermmmm….

Come on, start build your portfolio, your project helps you to build good portfolio. Project can prove that you are practicing your knowledge and you know how to use your knowledge. It also shows that you are the person that always expanding your knowledge and skills.

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Tahniah! Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat 50 Tahun. Sambutan telah berlangsung di SACC, Shah Alam pada 28 Sepetember 2018 (Jumaat) Jam 8.00 malam hingga 11.15 malam. Alhamdullilah, dapat jumpa beberapa bekas pensyarah yang saya anggap sebagai tokoh dan inspirasi dalam hidup saya. Gembira dapat melihat mereka masih mampu hadir dan tersenyum berjumpa rakan dan anak didik. Prof Dr. Norma, Prof Madya Dr. Sazili, Prof Dr. Adnan, Prof Dr. Sohaimi, alhamdullilah pernah belajar dengan mereka, bekas dekan dan dekan Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat (2018). Semoga Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat terus cemerlang. In Shaa Allah...

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Program mendaki Gunung Ledang, Johor sempena Sambutan Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat, UiTM. Program pendakian ini dilangsungkan pada 14 September 2018 bermula jam 7.00 pagi hingga 8.00 malam. Seramai 20 orang peserta terlibat, 15 perempuan dan 5 lelaki. Mula pendakian sekitar jam 9 pagi setelah menguruskan proses pembayaran serta semakan barang yang dibawa. Sampai ke puncak kira-kira jam 3.00 petang dan mula turun semula sekitar jam 4.15 petang dan tiba semula ke kaki Gunung Ledang sekitar jam 8.00 hingga 11.00 malam.

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